The Points System

Commencing 3rd December 2018, the first three Australasian Bred horses over the line in every 3,000m or further flat race will earn 3-2-1 points. Non-TAB meetings are excluded, but all other races, no matter what class/age/sex restriction applies, will be treated equally.

The final field will be determined according to total points accrued, after allowing for any guranteed starters. It is feasible that a horse could get in with no points (as long as it passes the breeding requirement). But any horse with just one point will get in ahead of those without any.

The final date to earn points will be 14 days before the running of The Jericho Cup. In 2019, this will be Sunday 17th November.

You will be able to check the progressive points total on this website.

This race obviously favours the up and coming horses against those that have already got there. But it will be possible for any class horse to win it.

Should there be sufficient acceptances for the 2019 Jericho Cup, Racing Victoria will program an additional repecharge race over 4,065m on the course proper. The prize money will be less, but the sweetener is that this race (should it be held) will be a first guaranteed start / double points race for the 2020 Jericho Cup. Please note that the order of preference for both races will be the number of Jericho Cup points earned throughout the year up until the close of date of 17th of November 2019. Horses on the same points level will be graded according to their benchmark rating. Horses with nil points can still get a run in either race, provided there are not sufficient points earners accepting. All conditions for the repecharge race will be identical to The Jericho Cup i.e. highweight and jumps jockeys.

Qualifying for the race

The only requirement is to race Australasian Bred Stayers in Australia and New Zealand and watch your points build up. Shuttle Stallions qualify, but the horse must have been conceived and born in Australia or New Zealand. It’s called supporting the local industry.

1. The Grand Annual Steeple 5,500m at Warrnambool (May).
2. The Great Eastern Steeple 4,950m at Oakbank (Easter).
3. New Zealand Grand National Hurdle 4,200m at Riccarton (August)

Qualifying for the 2019 Cup

We have gone back to the original cut off time of Sunday, 14 days before the cup. This will be Sunday 17th November 2019.

As the 2018 repecharge winner is guranteed a start, there won't be a further guaranteed start race in Victoria.

We are hoping for a field extension to 14, but this is still yet to be confirmed.

New Zealand races, 3,000m plus are included for the first time, with one guranteed start race on 29th September 2019, BM82, at Taranaki.

The South Australian guranteed race has been transferred to Gawler on their 25th October 2019 Cup meeting. This is in keeping with our desire to move these races closer to the actual event when possible. The race will be a newly created benchmark 84 over 3,340m. We warmly welcome the Gawler and Barossa Racing Club to The Jericho Cup fold.

The Great Eastern Steeple and 3,600m race at Oakbank over Easter, remain 3-2-1 points races.